Our niche is the manufacture of highly complex items in acid-proof steel and high-strength steel such as Hastelloy, Inconel and Super Duplex. We hold unique expertise in these areas. Developed over more than 40 years to a level which today qualifies us as prioritised suppliers for some of the world’s most demanding makers of equipment for food and pharmaceutical production, off-shore, sub-sea and technical/chemical industries.

We cater to a limited number of very loyal customers, who see us as a forward-looking sparring partner with a technically and professionally sound production ability. Our customers know that we guarantee documented quality – delivered on time.

We handle small and medium-sized batches – and big challenges. We have the latest CNC machining technology, the most advanced equipment for certified welding and high-technology 3D measuring equipment for quality assurance.

We have robots that enable us to quickly and flexibly retool for varied production – and, above all else, we have a team of employees who combine a very high level of professionalism with dedication and a sense of responsibility which is second to none.

Today, we are 41 individual experts, who work in unison.

People make the difference.



Our customers must see us as Number 1 in comparison with our competitors as measured on quality, delivery accuracy and expediency in every type of collaboration with us.

We focus on the customer as we live by PASSION for EXCELLENCE, meaning that we continuously develop our employees and optimise our processes and, as a result, our business.

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  • ISO 9001:2015
  • TÜV certification
  • We are approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
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