Torben B. Jensen - Manual Processing

Lars Navne - Team Manager

Kurt Gottschalk - CNC-technician

Frank Hundebøll - Welder

Karsten Skov - Manual processing

René Granum Gottschalk - CNC-technician

Mogens Straarup - Quality technician

Jan P. Hansen - CNC-technician

Per Skræddergård - CNC-technician

Steen Hansen - Warehouse

Thomas Tvermose - CNC-technician

Sang Nguyen - CNC-technician

Morten Gottschalk - CNC-technician

Martin Tarpø Poder - CNC-technician

Jens Fey - Assembly

Jørgen Petersen - Assembly

Gerd Mikkelsen - Manual grinding

Mikkel Nissen - CNC technician

Lars Hansen - CNC-technician

Tuan Nguyen - CNC-technician

Lars Evald - Managing director/CEO

Jimmy Nissen - Welder

Janni Moos Fredslund - Order Handling

Erik Thomsen - Finance/CFO

Finn Hynding Pedersen – CNC-technician

Flamur Bitiqi – CNC-technician

Mario Mrsic - Apprentice

Mike Boye - Apprentice

Søren Pedersen - Apprentice

Tommy Møller – CNC-technician

Michael Berggreen - Factory Manager, COO

Ambolten 16
DK 6000 Kolding
Phone: + 45 7553 3011

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Our Mind-set


  • NSM is a privately owned company, at which professional and human values have higher priority than financial gain, knowing very well that a solid financial basis is a prerequisite for the development of the company.
  • We have developed a company culture that values openness and honesty in all relations based on respect, trust and delegation of responsibility to the individual employee.
  • We focus on occupational health and safety, and an active safety committee ensures that we always pay attention to the well-being of our employees while preventing potential risks.
  • We always comply with national and international legislation in all areas relevant to our company and activities.
  • Respect for the environment and nature has high priority, and we always choose solutions and a conduct that minimize our impact on the environment.
  • We think green when choosing our energy supplier. Click here to download our certificate: 
    Hydropower 2014-2017 
    Hydropower 2018
  • We are also ISO-certified to guarantee ‘Health and Safety, Quality and the Environment’.