Torben B. Jensen - Manual Processing

Lars Navne - CNC-technician

Kurt Gottschalk - CNC-technician

Frank Hundebøll - Welder

Karsten Skov - Manual processing

René Granum Gottschalk - CNC-technician 

Mogens Straarup - Quality technician

Jan P. Hansen - CNC-technician

Per Skræddergård - CNC-technician

Steen Hansen - Warehouse

Thomas Tvermose - CNC-technician

Sang Nguyen - CNC-technician

Bjarne Hindkær Hansen - CNC-technician

Morten Gottschalk - CNC-technician

Martin Tarpø Poder - CNC-technician

Karsten Leerskov - CNC-technician

Jens Fey - Assembly

Jørgen Petersen - Assembly

Gerd Mikkelsen - Manual grinding

Mikkel Nissen - Apprentice

Lars Hansen - CNC-technician

Tuan Nguyen - CNC-technician

Lars Evald - Managing director/CEO

Jimmy Nissen - Welder

Kristian Kildbane - Apprentice

Morten Ørsted Jørgensen - Apprentice

Janni Moos Fredslund - Order Handling

Erik Thomsen - Finance/CFO

Dennis Holt Poulsen - CNC-technician

Andre Bruzzichini Kristensen – CNC-technician

Bonnie Berg Madsen – Production Engineer, Planner

Finn Hynding Pedersen – CNC-technician

Flamur Bitiqi – CNC-technician

Mario Mrsic - Apprentice

Mike Boye - Apprentice

Rico Strømsborg - Warehouse

Rikke Lindskov Loft – Administration Trainee

Stephan Olsen – CNC-technician

Søren Pedersen - Apprentice

Tommy Møller – CNC-technician

Michael Berggreen - Factory Manager, COO

Nikica Mrsic - Quality Manager

Ambolten 16
DK 6000 Kolding
Phone: + 45 7553 3011

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About NSM


We specialize in the manufacture of highly complex items in acid-resistant steel and high strength steel such as Hastelloy, Inconel and super duplex, and have unique expertise in this area. Our expertise based on more than 35 years’ experience has made us the preferred supplier of some of the world’s most demanding manufacturers of equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries, the offshore industry as well as the technical and chemical industries.


We have a limited number of very loyal customers, who regard us as a pro-active business partner in the development process with high-quality production facilities in terms of both technology and workmanship. Our customers know that they can rely on us to supply documented quality – on time.


We prefer small and medium-sized orders, and big challenges. We possess the latest CNC machining technology, the most advanced equipment for certified welding work and high-tech 3D measuring equipment for quality assurance. We have robots that provide for prompt and flexible adjustment of varied production processes, but above all, we have employees with a wide range of advanced skills, in addition to commitment and a keen sense of responsibility.


Today, we have 45 individual specialists working together as a team.


People make the difference.