Torben B. Jensen - Manual Processing

Lars Navne - Team Manager

Kurt Gottschalk - CNC-technician

Frank Hundebøll - Welder

Karsten Skov - Manual processing

René Granum Gottschalk - CNC-technician

Mogens Straarup - Quality technician

Jan P. Hansen - CNC-technician

Per Skræddergård - CNC-technician

Steen Hansen - Warehouse

Thomas Tvermose - CNC-technician

Sang Nguyen - CNC-technician

Morten Gottschalk - CNC-technician

Martin Tarpø Poder - CNC-technician

Jens Fey - Assembly

Jørgen Petersen - Assembly

Gerd Mikkelsen - Manual grinding

Mikkel Nissen - Apprentice

Lars Hansen - CNC-technician

Tuan Nguyen - CNC-technician

Lars Evald - Managing director/CEO

Jimmy Nissen - Welder

Kristian Kildbane - CNC-technician

Janni Moos Fredslund - Order Handling

Erik Thomsen - Finance/CFO

Andre Bruzzichini Kristensen – CNC-technician

Bonnie Berg Madsen – Production Engineer, Planner

Finn Hynding Pedersen – CNC-technician

Flamur Bitiqi – CNC-technician

Mario Mrsic - Apprentice

Mike Boye - Apprentice

Søren Pedersen - Apprentice

Tommy Møller – CNC-technician

Michael Berggreen - Factory Manager, COO

Nikica Mrsic - Quality Manager

Ambolten 16
DK 6000 Kolding
Phone: + 45 7553 3011

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New Kardex Remstar Shuttel XP 500 Vertical Lift System

In order to optimise and improce our logistic functions, NSM has just gotten a Kardex Remstar Shuttel XP 500 vertical lift system installed.
The new system will increase effectivity for our stock picking, and release a large part of our storage area for production equipment.
In the near future the vertical lift system will be coupled with out VMS.

The large benefits for our customers will be smaller risks for errors in stock picking, better control of the inventory and naturally keeping the stock free from impurities.

Logistik ansvarlig Steen Hansen i gang med ilægning af emner i lagerautomaten
Warehouse Supervisor Steen Hansen placing stock in the vertical lift system.